Photographer who can see your soul


Are you looking for a quality photographer with a good eye? Do you need someone who feels the atmosphere? Do you want to work with a photographer with whom you can easily tune in to one common wave? If your answer on these questions is three times YES, then a popular Prague Photographer Petr Nikl is for you the ideal person. Sensitive vision, a perfect sense of scope and detailed perception move on his photographs somewhere else than just a well technically mastered slide is. It a pleasure to cooperate with Petr Nikl, who is a photographer whose photos are always worth it.

Good picture, it is a moment and endless hours of hard work
Some people can say that photographers surrounded by women, just come, press the release and their work is done. Although it seems so at the first glance, the opposite is true. At first hand I have experienced with Petr Nikl several days of photographing and his every picture contains endless hours of working. Petr Nikl has undeniable talent, which makes him a very versatile photographer. He has to say a lot of with his free creation, but also with advertising photography which he creates based on your specification and is ready to listen to your requirements. He controls photography both in interior and exterior. People and their faces belong to his lifelong theme. He can get deep under the surface and pick up the hidden stories. Therefore, the reportage and wedding photography is so closed to him. Nowadays, he is more and more focused on details and is specialized in photography of food, drinks, jewellery and glass.

Advertising photography or free art
Nowadays, one without the other does not exit. Although Petr Nikl has succeeded as an artist, he has had dozens of exhibitions, as well in Mecca of artists in Paris, currently he is interested in commercial photography. He did not stagnate behind his camera lens and, as a added value, he offers skills as an computer wizard to his photographs. He implements his photographs including computer retouching and finishing. Who knows Petr Nikl as a sensitive photographer and admires his unforgettable female nudes, may be surprised with his new work – high tonnage shot collection – aircraft and automobiles.

If you are looking for a professional photographer with a wide-ranging and sensitive eye, contact Petr Nikl even today. You will see that you will be satisfied and will look forward to working together. Petr Nikl can see what many people do not even know.

Jaroslav Kestranek

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